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FM-200 is stored as a liquid and used in very low concentrations. FM-200 occupies a fraction of the storage space of any other gaseous agent.


Argonite is an equal blend of Nitrogen and Argon. It has a zero ozone depletion profile and when discharged reduces oxygen levels from the ambient atmospheric level of 21% to approximately 12%.


Inergen is a high-pressure agent which is stored in cylinder banks to suit risk size. It is a totally natural substance with an infinite supply and zero Ozone depletion profile.

Extraction & Over Pressure Venting

Complementing our range of extinguishant options, Titan design, supply, install and maintain post discharge gas extraction, over venting and damper control systems. This is not required for FirePro.


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Case Study
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Titan designed, supplied and installed a new fire detection and FirePro extinguishing system for the new HV/LV room.

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