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Your fire plan is essential to the safety of the people in your premises.

We provide suitable competent supervision to assist you in the practice, evaluation and improvement of your procedures – in particular

  • To test arrangements for any disabled people
  • Identify weaknesses in the evacuation strategy
  • Familiarise new occupants with procedures
  • Test arrangements following any change to the plan or premises
  • Manage feedback responses for Fire Marshalls
  • Collate and interact feedback from participants
  • Advise on exercise efficiency and improvements arising

Our staff have suitable experience in facilitating all of the above which may be easily combined with other planned test activity such as periodical fire maintenance

Following the completion of an exercise, our full report will be reviewed in a teleconference debrief meeting with key staff to discuss outcomes and recommendations arising

It’s a cost effective exercise that could save a life or a business – so find out how we can help you by clicking here.


Case Study
The Boleyn Stadium

West Ham United Football Club entrusts the safe and correct operation of their stadium fire detection & voice evacuation systems to Titan – read here to find out why.

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