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Fire Kills. Ignorance Kills. Cuts Kill. Lack of training, hand in hand with lack of knowledge, can lead to panic. Panic may lead to tragedy.

Budget cuts are leading to dilution of fire safety education yet legislation and prosecutions are increasing.

Training your staff for a fire emergency significantly reduces risk.

We have a non-accredited entry level training course to satisfy just the basics. For more information please click here.

Titan have partnered with one of the UK leaders in fire safety training, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Training Ltd, to produce safety training that goes above and beyond just “ticking boxes” and produced accreditation that is recognised at NVQ level as part of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Award. As well as being recognised qualifications, they are also fully portable for the delegate.

The course contents vary, once again from the basic up to a train the trainer course, with written examination.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Training Ltd and Titan share the same values, that safety is an absolute, no shortcuts, no compromises, just a total commitment to safety.

For a full fire safety training prospectus click here or contact us.


Case Study
80 Strand London

Titan are proudly protecting some of the landmarks of London with 80 the Strand being one of them. To find out how our services helped improve safety please download the case study.

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