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A fire plan may be in place; however a review under the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RR(FS)O)  will prove worthwhile to ensure that the plan is current and actually has been tested and works well.

Alternately, review or formalisation of emergency evacuation procedures may demonstrate the need to better tailor arrangements to minimise disruption during fire drills and false alarms and to maximise the potential offered by the technology of fire alarm systems.

You should regularly review your fire plan and strategy – including your building occupancy, your fire precautions adequacy, your communication of the plan, the actual floor plan accuracy, interaction with emergency services, and everything that’s needed to make the fire strategy and plan a robust well communicated document that provides the framework for the fire safety of your premises, its occupants and its contents.

We provide experienced and qualified personnel that will undertake a full review and consultation service, or where no fire plans exist, compile with your support a brand new document fit for purpose and fully compliant.

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